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About Us

     "As one travels through life, there are billions of moments that could potentially be captured with a camera. Time is continuously speeding forward. The future comes, and without hesitation, the present instantly becomes the past... Unless there is a camera there to freeze that moment, creating an endless visual memory. As one individual, it is my goal to document as many of these points in time as I possibly can."  - C.MAC

     Founded by Calvin McAllister, C.MAC Photography is based in Little Rock, Arkansas and offers many services to local and surrounding areas.


     We pride ourselves in taking amazing photos and creating infinite, tangible memories. Most of the time, if you see us around, you'll see a camera in our hands. Always soaking in the moment. Searching for that next great "shot". Always exploring new techniques and ideas, ever expanding our experience.

     There is no style of photography that we are not willing to tackle. Whether you're a Band looking for a photographer to cover your show, or a Family wanting to create a beautiful album of your reunion. A Senior about to graduate and dive into the world, or a Newborn joining it. C.MAC Photography will be there to capture every precious second.